Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Fusionscash is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that partners with some of the best offerwall and market research companies out there to provide you with the best offers and surveys that can be done in your spare time to earn coins. These coins can be used towards gift cards, cryptocurrencies, and much more.

2. How does Fusionscash make money?

Fusionscash makes money in a variety of ways, which include but are not limited to: 


  • Display advertising
  • Sponsored promotions
  • Survey campaigns
  • Offer campaigns
  • Exclusive partner campaigns
  • PTC advertisements


Every time a user completes a survey or offer on Fusionscash , we take a small cut of the overall reward. We use these funds to  cover our operation costs, pay our support team, cover reversals from advertising partners and to fund the faucet & chat rain pool payouts. 


Fusionscash keeps margins as slim as possible to offer the highest rewards possible to our users.  Additionally, Fusionscash  does NOT charge any fees for incoming or outgoing transactions. 


3. What are offerwalls?

Offerwalls are services that pay users for doing some kind of task. Those tasks include watching a video and the ads that come with them; visiting web pages; filling out surveys; installing apps; signing up for services, etc.

4. What are "Point?"

Point are what we call the credits you earn when using our faucets, games, and offerwalls. The value of a Coin is tied to the dollar and gets converted to usd (or the crypto currency of your choice) when you cash out.


5. Do you have a referral program?

Yes! We pay 25% for life for faucet earnings, and 10% for life for offerwalls and game earnings. You can view all of the details on your referrals page.


6. Where do I find my referral code?

You can find your referral code on your account page and on your referrals page.


7. I have lost my password or want to reset my password.

Go to the login page and click on the link that says Forgot Password in the login box.


8. When do I get paid?

Payment Processing Times


All payments are processed in 24-72 hours.


If your payment is "Pending" or in "Review" then there is no need to open a ticket. Your payment will be sent during our next payment cycle.


9. Do you charge transaction fees for withdrawals?

No. For now,Fusionscash covers transaction fees.